Telephone Management
The telephone management function is fully integrated within your BaseNet system. BaseNet telephone link feature helps organisations to manage their resources and provide an improved level of customer service by identifying call traffic volumes and listing abandoned call details. With this module, all your telephone traffic is recorded within the system, so that your telephone (mobile phone number) can seamlessly be linked to your matters and/or relationships. Incoming telephone traffic allows you for better monitoring, planning and budgeting and therefore, you will immediately see your relationship data with the accompanying history.

Automatically archive all calls under relationships and / or matters.
The telephone management function is directly linked with relation management and projects. All conversations are automatically archived in an orderly manner. See at a glance, the call categories with times and relationships. Moreover, you can also see directly who is calling you with a pop-up of extensive data.

Call Registration
Within BaseNet all your actions are linked to your relations and / or matters. These can be tasks, calendar items, documents or emails. These actions are immediately available in the history tab for your matter and / or relations. If you use the telephone link within BaseNet, all your calls will automatically be archived. The conversations can be divided into categories and it is possible to add a comment about your conversations. Call periods are automatically recorded and booked in within the history tap and you can retrieve every call with corresponding details.

Extensive call statistics (management information)
All calls are automatically registered with the telephone connection of BaseNet. Various data are recorded with the time registration function.
This provides an insight into which relations call you the most, the nature of the questions being asked, and typing in comments if desired in the comments tab.
All these data can easily be retrieved by using the statistics function. With this function, you can get an overview of your telephone traffic at any time, see at a glance the duration of calls and which relationships are frequent callers.

Telephone Management