BaseNet provides a solution that is easy to use, streamlined and designed to save time.


Customer Relationship Management is a crucial part of our software. The system works completely online and therefore enables you to carry out work from anywhere, wherever you are. All you need is a computer with an internet connection


The integrated Document Management System makes it possible to simply create letters, invoices, reports and other correspondence. Multiple criteria functions can be applied whilst searching for your correspondence, for instance, full text and date (ranges).

Time and Billing

You always keep track of your time using the BaseNet system. The automated stopwatch functionality ensures that users never forget to register their time.

Mobile App

Access your matters and record every minute of your chargeable time using an incredibly instinctive BaseNet app interface. Legal professionals will discover important matter information, view documents, send emails or simply schedule an appointment literally at their fingertips.


BaseNet developed a unique tailor-made email solution to meet the specific needs of solicitors. Easy billing, time-tracking, archiving, access rights and emails are fully integrated with your matters.

Calendar and tasks

Never again miss any deadline with the fully integrated calendar and tasks from BaseNet. The calendar can be viewed for your own activities but can also show the activities of a selected group of colleagues.