Nowadays, computing clouds are everywhere – which is one reason why people worry about their security. Whilst working with online application, security is the most crucial part you would have to be aware of. Due to that, BaseNet employs several security experts for this purpose to ensure the security and capability of our cloud environment. Furthermore, BaseNet works closely with third-party partners to strictly apply security procedure measures. BaseNet always thinks prudently about security, data encryption and latest online fraud and therefore, giving you the confidence that information sent within our system will safely and securely reach the intended recipient. Because of this, as professionals providing client security, we are one of the most secure practice management solution trusted by thousands of law firms throughout Europe.

Additional security

As additional security measures, the following options are available:

  • IP filter
  • SMS authentication
  • Automatic two step verification

IP filter

Using IP filler option developed by BaseNet, you can indicate any locations where your work is performed to gain access to your BaseNet environment without any further verification. In case, you have a fixed IP address accessible at your workplace or anywhere where you wish to log in, IP filter is available within BaseNet for you to fill in to avoid additional verification step. As with the most IP filtering regimes, the filter checks whether you are logging in from the location specified by you and if that’s case, you will successfully be logged in to our system.

SMS verification

As a customer of BaseNet, you are required to provide mobile phone number upon signing up. This is another layer of protection by performing automated sign-ups verification using your SMS provider in case if you are using unspecified IP address. The login procedure cannot be completed without SMS code, thus ensuing your BaseNet environment is kept secure at all times.

Automatic two step verification

The alternative to SMS verification is the automatic two step verification developed by BaseNet. With this verification method, a login notification is sent to the user's smartphone by means of a push notification. After the user has received the push notification and verified that the token is correct, the user is automatically logged in.