At Basenet, our aim is to increase law practice efficiency, profitability and retention of clients by providing a fully-integrated cloud based solution at a lower cost point than is currently available in the market.

We are a modern system for today’s legal practices , from high street practices to large sized law firms. Since 1987, BaseNet is a complete web-based practice management and legal office system. We have an impressive portfolio of over 1100 law firms, with headquarters located in the city of Amsterdam and has offices in Spain, Germany, Belgium and England. BaseNet is the market leading Law Software provider in the Netherlands and our ambition is to replicate our success and establish ourselves in the UK.

We always strive for excellence and our main priority is to provide software solutions which enable our clients to be more time effective and benefit from innovative features. As well as assessing, planning, implementing and monitoring your workflow, BaseNet relieves you from the need of constantly opening new adds, such as integrating with Microsoft Outlook to access your emails. All your emails are stored entirely within the software itself, ensuring you gain maximum returns from our systems and increase productivity. Besides, there is no limit on the number of cases, projects, clients or tasks that can be added.

With experienced dedicated professionals, specialising in the most predominant areas of law, BaseNet works closely with small - large size firms including the top 20. We will individually assess each firms needs and objectives to ensure a successful and reliable corporation. We have received a wide range of achievements and established long-term cooperative relations with domestic and foreign legal associates and integration partners.

BaseNet and the legal market

BaseNet uses a forward-looking approach in today’s legal market, offering high quality software to provide our customers with transparency and loyalty. From the legal market perspective, BaseNet sees a great need for office automation. Because of this, we are constantly working to develop a system that integrates multiple business processes, such as calendar, project, task, email, time recording, invoicing all within one central solution. BaseNet invests significantly into the research and product development of its software to meet the requirements of law firms practicing in Netherlands, England, Wales and Spain, thus ensuring compliance with law/legal enforcements.