The professional package of BaseNet is the most comprehensive version and offers you unprecedented possibilities. All your legal work is stored in one effective, secure and trustworthy solution.
Give your clients insight into the progress of matters.
Within BaseNet, you have a reliable and professional tool that helps you tackle all of the key tasks that make an event successful. Within the event module, you can indicate an event start and end date, choose when the participants can sign in or out or cancel until the specified period set by you.
With the BaseNet sales management module, you have direct insight into the entire sales process. Follow the entire process from lead to customer.
A Telephone Management module within BaseNet captures live call records from your telephone system and allows the user to create a number of meaningful reports. Immediately gain access to the history of your relationship with both outgoing and incoming calls.

Create and manage website 3.0 within BaseNet.
This covers the design of your BaseNet environment.
Your client portal will be created based on your own corporate house style and logo.
Intensive tailored support in the design of the package and/or generating customised management reports.
Our template developers expertise in adapting any business requirements, such as creating customised emails, letters and management report templates.