Due to the fact that all data (matters, clients, hours, etc.) are already listed within the system, creating invoices from within the system is easily attainable. It does not require any accountancy skills to simply work with custom rates, office expenses, fixed hourly rates, retainers and advanced payments. All that is required is entering a figure, the system does the rest.

Hourly rates only require a single insertion, but it is also possible to set a custom rate per matter. This can also be specified per employee on a (legal) matter level.

An invoice can also be split automatically (based on a fixed amount or percentages).

By default you have an optimal billing-layout at your disposal which can be created through "input current offices". In addition you have the possibility to customise this as desired. Reimbursements can be sent by postal mail, or you may opt to send these directly by email with an attached PDF including your logo and office information.